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Essential Order taking services for the Durable Medical Equipment Industry

Your DME & Hospice Order Hub

Essential Order Taking Services for the DME Industry


We specialize in answering for DME and Hospice Services, with compassion and empathy.

Tri-Cities Answering Service & Call Center’s 24/7 live telephone answering, messaging and order taking service helps your business thrive and grow.  Learn about our general business answering services. >

We provide the prompt, personal service your clients and referral sources want, while freeing your technicians and respiratory therapists from time consuming conversations and paperwork. Tri-Cities personnel are thoroughly trained to take messages for oxygen refills, take equipment repair requests, correctly transcribe questions, take new equipment orders, and then promptly direct these messages to the appropriate technician or respiratory therapist.

Messages and new orders for the following business day can be held or delivered as you direct. And, all messages and new orders are faxed to your branch the next business day, or as you direct.

Each message and new DME order also includes the Time Taken, Operator Identification Number, and On-Call Response Time. In the event a referral source is unable to provide certain information, the technician on call will be notified of the missing information, allowing the technician delivering the equipment to obtain the information for the branch upon delivery.

Information taken for your Durable Medical Equipment orders includes:

  • Referral Source and Phone Number
  • Patient Name, Address, Phone Number and ID
  • Billing and Delivery Address(es)
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Medical Insurance Information
  • Ordering Physician's Name
  • Diagnosis
  • 02 Sat
  • Height and Weight
  • Equipment Requested

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